IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (RBNQA) Trust

Criteria for Excellence in Crisis

Organization Profile :

A brief description on products/services, operating scenario, challenges, customers, Workforce and competitive environment. (not more than three hundred words)

1. How crisis-ready was the organization? (80 Pts)

  • Had the organization considered pandemic as a crisis as their risk planning?
  • Disater Recovery Plan (DRP)

2. How did the leadership respond to the crisis? (60 Pts)

  • How was the crisis impact assessed & prioritised by the leadership? This question is partially repeat of 1(i) above (15 Pts)
  • How were decisions taken to respond & manage the crisis? (15 Pts)
  • How was the organizational & leadership communication activated & sustained during the crisis? (10 Pts)
  • What were the mechanisms activated to respond to the crisis? (formation of teams/ groups, empowerment with authority, freedom of choice, activation of processes, creation of new processes and action plans) (10 Pts)
  • How were actions & action plans ongoingly adapted to respond to the crisis and government directives/ guidelines? (10 Pts)

3. How did the leaders ensure health & safety protection of all stakeholders (workforce, visitors, customers, suppliers, partners, community, society, planet) and their well-being? (40 Pts)

4. What were the organization’s innovations during the crisis to support your stakeholders? (60 Pts)

  • Idea origination: How did the innovation idea originate? (10 Pts)
  • Adaptation: What changes or adaptation were made to existing processes to enable this innovation? (10 Pts)
  • Uniqueness: How different and unique is the innovation? (15 Pts)
  • Impact: What significant effect has this innovation already created? (15 Pts)
  • Sustainability: Is it likely that the innovation will endure for a long period of time? (10 Pts)

5. What are your learning’s from this crisis experience? How do you plan to integrate the same within the organization? (60 Pts)

  • How were the learning’s identified? (20 Pts)
  • What process was used to integrate the learning’s within the organization? (20 Pts)
  • What is the status of the learning integration within the organisation? (20 Pts)