Self-assessing by organizations

Self-assessing by organizations

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Stage 1: Preliminary assessment

S.No Question Yes/No
1. Has the organisation been in existence for more than 3 years?
2 Is it a profit-making organisation?
3 Does the organisation have a formal structure in place?
4 Is the organisation interested in increasing its profits/profitability?
5 Is the organisation aiming at/pursuing some business model for excellence?

Stage 2: Preparatory assessment

6 Does the organisation have a vision/mission/values? Is it documented and reviewed?
7 Would you describe the organisation as customer-centric?
8 Does the organisation have/works towards international certification like ISO etc?
9 Which of the following approaches best describe the organisation?
10 Does the organisation participate in any award process?
11 If yes, please provide the names:

Stage 3: Readiness assessment

12 Would you like to follow a business excellence model and participate in the RBNQA award process?
13 Does the organisation have a business plan with a long-term goals and short-term goals clearly outlined?
14 Has the company formulated the strategies for achieving the business plans and ensured that the plans align with their vision, mission and values?
15 Does the organisation have a process to listen to the customers, understand their requirements and resolve their complaints?
16 Does the organisation have a system of measuring organisational performance and individual performance of employees - performance monitoring system?
17 Does the organisation take support of the technologies available to carry on their business?
18 Has the organisation taken measures to ensure sustainability of their business?
19 Does the organisation focus on employee development along with organisational development?
20 Does the organisation have adequate monitoring mechanisms in place to support its overall business?
21 Does the organisation have a governance mechanism to discharge its CSR functions?
22 Does the organisation lay stress on innovation?