Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC Limited
“HDFC” as a brand is synonymous with quality service. As an organisation, we have consciously opted to create our own qualitystandards. The exercise of putting together the Application Report for the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award gave us an opportunity to reflect upon our past experiences in our critical business processes and atthe same time plan and execute our strategies. The training of our team members, the evaluation process and the feedback session were unique and rigorous. It is highly recommended for organizations pursuing their journey of excellence and intending to compete with the best with intentions of becoming truly “World Class”.

Mr. Vivek Talwar
Chief – Business Excellence & OT The Tata Power Company Ltd
In the Tata Group, we follow the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM)  which, like the RBNQA, is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Award process. In  my previous organization -  Tata Chemicals, we had decided that while we  apply as an integrated enterprise for TBEM, we would have our main sites  apply separately for RBNQA. Over the years from 2002 to 2007, both our  critical sites Mithapur in Gujarat and Babrala in UP charted their  Business Excellence journey using the assessment process of RBNQA, and won the Commendation Certificate, Certificate of Merit, the RBNQA Award, and  finally by 2006 and 2007 respectively, both Mithapur and Babrala won the  Asia Pacific Quality Award. The year 2007 was also the year when Tata  Chemicals won the coveted JRDQV award in TBEM.  Through this process Tata Chemicals got valuable feedback at the sites  level, which helped them become higher performing, and this complemented  the journey that we undertook through TBEM at an enterprise level.

Today, being a member RBNQA Quality Improvement and Technology Committee, it is my privilege and honour to give back to the institution that has helped many organizations, both large and small, to chart out their paths  towards higher performance and move ahead in their unending journey  towards business

Mr. Mukesh Ambani
Chairman & Managing Director Reliance Industries Ltd.
The award process has benefited the Indian industry in tangible and intangible ways. The criteria provides organizations a robust checklist on how to identify where they are and how to proceed further in the excellence journey.

Anand Mahindra
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Mahindra Group
It was an honour to receive the IMC Juran Quality Medal, one of the foremost quality accolades. I owe this award to my colleagues at the Mahindra Group, who have made quality a way of life. At the Mahindra Group, Quality is a continuous process. Our definition of the term Quality goes beyond its conventional use to describe an attribute of products and services – it encompasses the quality of our management and businessprocesses. We have therefore devised the Mahindra Quality Way, which provides companies in the Group a standardized approach to continuouslyand systematically improving key management and business processes with the objective of fulfilling the needs of all stakeholders.

Neelam Rai Principal Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar

Vidya Devi Jindal School, or VDJS, is a premier residential school for girls located near Hisar city Haryana, India founded in 1984. The exercise of putting together the Application Report for the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award gave us an opportunity to reflect upon our past experiences in our critical processes and at the same time plan and execute our strategies. The training of our team members, the evaluation process and the feedback session were unique and rigorous. "IMC RBNQA model covers the entire organization including all stakeholders. Followed religiously for a few years makes the organization sustainable and growth oriented over a span of years.  The criteria, core values, and concepts clubbed with systematic processes yield the results taking the organization towards Excellence.

Ranjna Jangra, 
Birla School,  Kalyan

The criteria set by the prestigious IMC Ramkrishan Bajaj National Quality Award are very comprehensive and allow the organization to look 
minutely  into every area in terms of quality. The best part is the feedback report provided to the organization with its strengths and areas of improvements. 
The whole process is very enriching and a great learning experience. All those organizations who wish to genuinely grow all round with quality must go through 
this journey of excellence.

T Karunanithi, 
Site President, 
Reliance Industries Limited, Hoshiarpur Manufacturing Division

The IMC RBNQA criteria guidelines provide the organizations with a systematic tool for introspection and self – assessment. This is the direct benefit to 
all applicants during the application writing stage. This is followed by the consensus meeting wherein the applicant organization gets an opportunity to 
interact face to face with the RBNQA Examiners. This stage provides for critical clarifications and exchange of views between the Applicant and the Team of Examiners.
 This unfolds further learning opportunities. Subsequently, the site visit stage provides ample scope for the applicant organization and its workforce to learn from
 the Examiners through intense interaction. Moreover, this stage helps improving the sense of pride, ownership mindset, teamwork and enthusiasm among the members 
of the workforce. 

Winning the prestigious IMC RBNQA Award is a dream come true for RIL, Hoshiarpur Manufacturing Division. This has given the team members the due satisfaction of 
achieving Rewards and Recognition for their hard work. It has also catapulted the eagerness of our workforce members to achieve farther heights in our journey 
towards Business and organizational Excellence and set better benchmarks for others to emulate. 

Dr N V Ramakrishna, 
JSW Steel Ltd, Toranagallu

IMCRBNQA follows a very rigorous and professional assessment process. JSW has greatly benefited by participating and the interaction with 
assessors and their detailed feedback report on our performance and best practices on our product and process.  We looked internally the process capability 
of our finishing line. The RBNQA  model has useful and synergised in our Deming journey. We strongly feel that any organization who is pursuit of excellence must 
get an independent perspective on his/her organization through participation in the assessment process conducted by IMCRBNQA, Mumbai.

Sachin Garg, 
Head – Strategy & Business Excellence (CQH), 
Tata Housing Development Company Ltd

Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd. (A leading real estate company)  used internal TBEM and external RBNQA assessments year on year as a self-assessment tool to understand 
the opportunities for improvement and take actions on establishing various benchmarks in the Indian real estate industry.

The RBNQA criteria and assessment process are deeply ingrained in our workforce and processes, as the company is one of the growing organizations to move higher and faster towards industry leadership. After application of RBNQA criteria and assessment, we improved our product quality, employee engagement and customer satisfaction scores to 85% (Top 2 box). 

The RBNQA process helped us in achieving prestigious Global Performance Excellence Award 2014 in the Services Category by Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO), Chicago, Illinois, USA and movement to a 550-650 band score in TBEM assessment process subsequently. The process added immense value to our company and our stakeholders through application of a world class performance excellence framework.

Dr Kamal Shah, P
rofessor, IT, 
Thakur college of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai

TCET is a process driven organization. After studying the IMCRBNQA model institute started defining all the activities with objectives and outcome (Target) 
at beginning. At the end of activities the outcomes are mapped with set target and SWOT analysis of all the events are done to improve the process. 

Institute also started the Semester Review process where all the departments share their best practices on common platform and learn various things from each 
other which over all helps organization to build strong eco system.When in 2014 institute results were not up to the set target the root cause analysis was done by all the department and necessary steps were taken to improve the same.

In engineering syllabus final year students have to execute a project which is common practice across university but from last few years institute has 
started identifying good projects and mentor the same for the next year so that it can be converted to a good prototype or product. Today institute has stared 
receiving fund for such projects from University of Mumbai, from Department of Science and technology, Government of India. University grant has increased from 
around 50 k to 3 lacs in last three years. Government funding also has increased from 7 lacs to 44 lacs.

Overall institute is benefited on all fronts as all the processes are now executed consciously with ADLI cycle and results are checked with LeTCI.

C J Iyer, 
General Manager I/C (Mumbai Refinery)
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

It has indeed been a privilege for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. - Mumbai Refinery (BPCL-MR), to be associated with the 
IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (RBNQA) since 2001. In 2001 when we first participated in RBNQA, we had just initiated our 
equality Management System and Environment Management System, and were a new entrant into field of Business Excellence assessments. Although, we only received 
'Certificate of Merit' in 2001, 2002 and 2006, it was an enormous learning for us. lt is the feedback from RBNQA that encouraged us to expand our horizon. 

We implemented the Occupational Health & Safety System, got ourselves certified under Laboratory Competency and benchmarked our performance through 
Shell Global Benchmarking. The innovative approaches and continual improvement initiatives, positioned BPCL-MR as an industry leader.

The improvement reflected in our participation in RBNQA from2OOT to2OI2 as well. All the five years we received the RBNQA 'Performance Excellence' Awards. 

However, it is the stringent assessment carried out by RBNQA and their subsequent feedbacks that made us better every year. As our scores kept on moving upwards, 
the enhancement was also noticed in the Solomon Benchmarking studies undertaken, financial results achieved and multitude of accolades won from 
other Business Excellence assessments. After 20t2, BPCL-MR decided to restrain from participating in RBNQA and instead focus on the repository 
of 'Opportunities for lmprovement' accumulated from the feedback of RBNQA assessments over last few years to further strengthen our system and processes.

Needless to say the results were phenomenal, for when we again participated in RBNQA in 2014, we were honored to be the first PSU in India to be awarded with the RBNQA (Manufacturing) Trophy. The resultant improvement was also acknowledged by other assessment bodies as well, for we became the only PSU in India to win the FICCI 'Quality Excellence Award' and Frost & Sullivan 'Green Manufacturing Excellence Award' in 2015. BPCL also achieved the highest GRM (Gross Refinery Margin) amongst PSU Refineries in 2015.

BPCL's achievement was. because of the performance and commitment of its employees, along with leveraging of technology, robust Management Systems and support of all its stakeholders. yet in the whole process we feel RBNQA had a significant role to play, as the RBNQA feedbacks were a lodestone directing us to on our road to success.

We thank lMC RBNQA for all their support and wish them all the best in their endeavor in promoting business excellence in India.

V. Viswanand, 
Senior Director & Chief Operations Officer
Max Life Insurance Company Ltd

We have experienced the real power of the excellence framework in creating a completely aligned organization delivering balanced set of  
results for all our key stakeholders. It has helped me and the entire leadership team to continuously evaluate our business in a systematic and holistic way 
to focus on the most important priorities by embedding the excellence in our BAU discussions at all levels.

Dr R V Ramani, 
Founder & Managing Trustee
Sankara Eye Care Institutions, Unit of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust

IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj Quality Award 2014 in health care category by the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (IMC RBNQA) Trust– a joint initiative of 
the Indian Merchants' Chambers and the House of Bajaj has given the National recognition to the exemplifying performance of Sankara Eye Care Institutions, India.
Sankara's recognition for best practices and quality systems in healthcare was even more gratifying and noteworthy given the presence of the best of hospitals 
along with 500 other organizations across the length and breadth of the country contending for the National recognition. 

As a winner of the IMC RBNQA award, Sankara has achieved eligibility to apply for the Global Performance Excellence Award, the only formal global 
recognition of Performance Excellence. Winning this award reinforced the organization's resolve in aligning with the mission and vision to continue 
being world-class and providing quality eye-care for all.

It has been a value adding National recognition that helped enhancing the credibility of the organisation in the sphere of eye care. The organisation has 
become much more quality focused and reoriented towards adopting world class quality eye care practices. 

Being a Community Eye Care Institution, the award has boosted up the organisation’s morale to provide quality eye care services in a cost effective manner. 

The organisation has been able to identify quality champions responsible for ensuring the quality practices across Sankara network.

Awards and recognitions are great morale boosters for any organisation. While showcasing the Institution to the public at large such national recognitions 
also elevates the overall esteem of the employees. 

As Sankara Eye Care Institutions India is on its mission to replicate a Sankara Eye Hospital in every State of India, process and systems have become 
the major requirement. Process and Systems, Quality Evaluation and Review Mechanism, Ongoing Training and Reorientation along with Team Building have become 
the hallmark of Sankara Eye Care Institution’s growth in Community Eye Care. 

Joy Chakraborty, 
Chief Operating Officer
P D Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai

Hinduja Hospital’s vision is ‘Quality Healthcare for All’ and we believe in continuous quality improvement to provide our customers with the best possible care.

We were the 1st Healthcare organization to be awarded the ‘IMC Ramakrishna National Quality Award’ way back in 2007 and again in 2014 we were awarded 
the ‘IMC Ramakrishna National Quality Performance Excellence Award in Healthcare’.

This award helped us put into perspective all the quality activities that our organization has undertaken, and highlighted various initiatives done by 
the support areas which otherwise may not have come to light. It also helped us structure our activities in a manner which was easy to evaluate our 
performance to enable us to strive towards perfection.

The IMC Ramakrishna National Quality Award is a great accolade for us, and one that recognises all the effort that everyone at our organization takes towards excellence in patient care. Even as we continue to work towards improving quality and patient centric care, this award gives us more credibility and builds on our hospital’s vision.

Pravin Suvarna, 
Executive Vice President (QA), YES Bank Ltd
At YES BANK the business Excellence Journey has helped in creating a greater awareness of Performance Measures and successful Integration of range of improvement 
programs, Measurement frameworks and management of information. 

IMC RBNQA Assessment is highly structured and transparent; it helped us to bring about alignment and integration across business units to enhance efficiency
and effectiveness. The BE measures from this assessment has served the BANK as Internal business consultant ensuring that business decisions incorporate the 
needs of all stakeholders, are aligned to the organizations objectives and take in to account Glocal best practices leading to sustainable and measurable success. 

As a result of deployment of the RBNQA framework we were able to Converge the Strategic initiatives, strategic objective of the organization to the VISION,  
thereby having a lazer sharp focus towards attainment of Vision Compliance. The assessment helped us to fortify the culture of ongoing benchmarking and innovation. 

A key vector that has helped YES BANK grow and establish itself as trusted Brand is its Excellence and Innovation culture.

IMC BE framework has helped us to bring about Cohesiveness  both  horizontally across all Processes and vertically through all tiers of management.  

Recommend organization’s to undertake RNBQA  comprehensive Business Excellence  Journey to achieve excellence.

"The IMC RBNQA model is an effective transformation management tool. It has worked in manufacturing, service, healthcare and education sectors. The primary deliverable is a sharp customer focus - the reason for an organization's existence." - Suresh Lulla, Chairman, IMC RBNQ Awards Committee

"In my opinion, the most important, and perhaps the only material benefit, is learning itself. For a human being, all his experiences are consolidated in his brain, and rules are being constantly optimised based on the results delivered by past actions, the feedback loop, which results in learning, intelligence and advancement.  However for an organization, the same process becomes very cumbersome because it is by its very nature, an organization, an integrated collection of relationships, of experiences which are held in a distributed fashion. The excellence model actually works as a pseudo single brain, where all the organizational experiences are consolidated, reflected upon, and fine-tuned, all with the singular purpose of excelling in becoming a valued corporate citizen." - Deepak Prabhu, IMC RBNQA Examiner and Assoc. VP, Nihilent Technologies.

"IMC RBNQA model covers the entire organization including all stakeholders. If religiously followed for few years makes the organization sustainable and growth oriented over a span of years.  The criteria, core values and concepts clubbed with systematic processes yields the results taking the organization towards Excellence. It will not be an exaggeration in calling this a 'generic' model equally adoptable by varieties of businesses, services, education and health care industry."-  Hemant Shidhaye, IMC RBNQA Examiner and Senior Consultant, Shop to Top Consultancy Services.