Making Quality Happen
Sharing of Best Practices by Winners of the IMC RBNQ Awards
In the IMC RBNQ Award process recipients of various recognition levels are required to share information on their successful performance and quality strategies with other Indian organizations.  However proprietary information need not be shared even if it was part of the Award application. The principle forum for sharing is the annual “Making Quality Happen” Conference.

This is a 2 Day conference which invites participation from professionals all across the country.  Top leadership and senior management from Manufacturing, Service, Small Business, Overseas, Education & Health Care attend this mega event. It is indeed a great opportunity to learn and network with organizations that have showcased world class best practices.

The Making Quality Happen Conference is scheduled every year in the month of March after the declaration of winners by the Panel of Judges.

Over these years the IMC RBNQ Award recipients have been very generous in their commitment towards improving competitiveness. Sharing of their best practices has helped and encouraged similar organizations in various sectors of the Indian economy to undertake their own quality and performance improvement efforts. These organizations and recipients and participants are “Making Quality Happen”.

The 2 day Conference culminates with the Awards ceremony on the evening of the 2nd day.  At the  Awards ceremony recipients of the various levels of recognition are bestowed with accolades and awards.